Saturday, February 20, 2010

How do we know that we have the Holy Spirit ?

"How to defend the baptism in the Holy Spirit" is about to be released.

I suspect that it will cause a stir in some quarters. I hope that it generates healthy debate among word faith christians and those from more fundamental backgrounds. Inevitably I desire to see brothers and sisters in Christ delving deeply into the word of God allowing the Holy Spirit to become the teacher.(Jn.16:13)
Jim D


  1. If this is the same person that said Tongues are for today, please go to your scriptures and stand corrected, thank you. Tongues are not for today , and are greatly misunderstood by those who preach "another gospel".

  2. Dear Jeff,
    My apologies for the late response but I have been away for a few days.

    It is customary to actually use scripture in rebuttal (as did Jesus and His disciples). I note that you assume that tongues are another gospel. I don't think Paul had this in mind when he wrote it (Gal.1:6) so your quote is not contextually accurate to for starters and demonstrates an inadequate hermeneutic.
    None-the-less in my treatise on the subject I lay 21 scriptural foundations for its viability today.

  3. People still argue about this?

    Anyone who reads the Corinthian account of tongues ceasing at the "arrival of the fulfillment" as "the canonisation of the NT" is simply wrong.
    It is a major exegetical failure to read the "completeness of the Bible" into that role.

    It is clearly the second coming of Christ that is being inferred here, which Paul goes to great pains to argue has not yet occurred.

    It's also a matter of Church History that the charismatic gifts have not ceased, which is consistent with the sermon that Peter preached at the outset of the phenomenon. Particularly that this would be around until the great and glorious day of the Lord (up until which, ALL who call upon the name of Jesus will be saved).

    I'm a big fan of being able to call upon the name of the Lord and being saved, that seems to be the greatest of the charismatic giftings, and if THAT is not around today...none of us (including Jeff) are saved.

  4. Well said Joshua.
    Clearly tongues did not cease when our detractors would have like them to cease. The fact that tongues, miracles and the prophetic gifts continued long after they should have ceased must stick in their throats just a little.
    I also agree that, inwardly, salvation is the greatest miracle for any man.
    But to walk in a world where we are encouraged not to seek God's best must be terribly depressing.